Chad Young - Rocklin, California

Chad Young - Rocklin, California

I was in love with my best friend (or so I thought he was my bf) Chad and I were inseparable for 3yrs I was by his side I would have given him ANYTHING actually I did including my sanity my dignity my whole world was with him, I thought we were a team…

I loved him so much I couldn’t see that he was using me for everything I didn’t have I was committing crimes for him to support us if he said he wanted something or liked it I got him 3 of them, everyday I was the provider the fall guy busting my ***** everyday to please him while he sat around texting my friends on fb or other girls I was constantly introducing myself to them and to their suprise because he never mentioned he had a girlfriend to them of course and when I would get dropped off at random times because he had to get away from me because I smothered him all of the sudden at random times in the middle of the night after he was on his phone texting someone he refused to tell me who it was he would just drop me off call me crazy disappear two days MIA NO CALL NO ANSWER THEN OF COURSE HIS FAMOUS I WAS SLEEPING I’M SORRY THEN WE WOULD GO BACK TO HAPPY LOVERS FRIENDS AGAIN… well that cycle went for 3yrs until I got pregnant with our daughter and I was now depending on him I had no one he had me convinced that I couldnt go home everyone was against me and they weren’t they just hated him my friends could see what was happening how I was under his spell I would run to him and ***** everyone off that loved me for him… well here I am pregnant he’s mad angry says it’s my fault I’m pregnant he don’t want a kid how could I do this to him y didnt I have abortion I’m ruining his life blah blah oh and I’m now according to him to FAT To touch or have sex with he just can’t manuver such a fat ***** , keep in mind were living in his car because I can’t go to or inside his parents because I’m pregnant and he doesn’t want them to know so yeah as he goes inside his house chills for hours occasionally bringing me a meal or blanket or turning the air on for a 5 min cool down every so often I’m stuck in the car sleeping hiding from mommy and daddy because their 31 year old son who’s apparently never had to do anything his whole life because they enabled him and stupid girls LIke me supplied him and fed his ego… so yea a month goes by and he’s treating me worse and worse getting more irritated that I can’t hussel like I used to and that im emotional crying. God forbid was hungry and wanted food a lot. I was 7 months pregnant and it was a inconvenience to him I was no longer his free everything and he got all he could out of me he started leaving me places like stores when I would have to use the restroom or I would go in get us something come out he was gone. I was alone stranded pregnant and had no one. I would wonder around I couldn’t figure out how to function with out him. I cut everyone off for him I was alone… then he’d come find me after a few days and back to the car it was, I knew he was cheating I knew I would accuse, get called crazy whack job, everything when I would call him out on his ***** he would turn it around on me tell it’s in my head I make him do this that and steal my last bit of money and I run him off. I’m forcing him to be a dad all meeeee and he swears hes not cheating talking texting anyone swears on everything. I began to think I was crazy I would apologize for being a nut and swear I would stop accusing him and I would get help… well I see a girls name on his phone which he keeps ignoring the call and hiding the messages all the while his mom is looking to get us our own home. He finally told them I was pregnant. Well actually I did and received a broken nose for telling them, because I needed help. He was gone I was pregnant wondering streets waiting on him so yea I called his daddy and told.. so yea were picking names for the baby planning our future. He’s rubbing my belly, tells me he loves me, he’s gonna try for our family, blah blah blah… well once again I see this number on his phone he starts being weird and of course ditches me. Well I call her turns out she was living in his house for the last 2 months while I’ve been banned to the car not allowed to get out or be seen. If I had to pee I had to do so quickly and on the side of his house which he would get so mad because God forbid I’m in my 3rd trimester and had to pee frequently Geez how dare I… YES SHE DIDN’T KNOW OR SHE SAYS SHE DIDN’T KNOW I WAS PREGNANT HE ALLEGEDLY TOLD HER WE HADN’T BEEN TOGETHER IN A YEAR.. CHAD KENNETH LUIS YOUNG IS LYING MANIPULATING PIECE OF CRAP HE HAS NO HEART OR SOUL. IS A SOCIOPATH AND HAS A PLAYBOY BUNNY TATTOO ON HIS HIP AND A SHOOTING STAR ON THE OTHER SIDE THAT SAYS PORN STAR WITH RAINBOW SHADING WHICH HE GOT WHILE HE WAS IN PRISON. I’M PRETTY SURE HE’S A UNDERCOVER ***** AS WELL SO DON’T BE FOOLED BY HIM. HE HAS NO CONTACT WITH ME OR OUR DAUGHTER HE IS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A YOUNG GIRL NOW AND I LIVE 3000 MILES AWAY WITH MY BEAUTIFUL BABY PAISLEY LEANN THANK U CHAD YOU GAVE ME SOMETHING FINALLY THAT I DON’T HAVE TO GET A PILL TO GET RID OF U. GAVE ME MY REASON TO MOVE ON AND RISE ABOVE AND NOW I’M A AMAZING MOM TWO JOBS AND MY BIGGEST JOY IS MY DAUGHTER.




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