Homewrecker Men

Homewrecker Men

There's no reason to cheat! If you're not happy or sexually satisfied with your other half. Instead, report a do the right thing and end the relationship!

Married men, if you made your vows, honor and respect yourself enough to keep them! Do not let yourself become an article in "Homewrecker Men".

Cody Martin - Coweta, Oklahoma

Cody Martin - Coweta, Oklahoma

I used to care deeply about this man Cody Martin and give him the benefit of the doubt because he fought for our country and served in the marine corps…

but this guy is truly a psychopath. PTSD is an understatement for this man as I know several other combat veterans who have PTSD and they don’t do the stupid sh*t he does. While dating this man I discovered a rap sheet of protective orders, arsons, assault and batteries, and a pending case of child abuse because he hit his ex girlfriend’s son come to find out later on and he tried to tell me lies to cover it up.

Idk about his relationship with his mother but his father is estranged and mentally sick as well and he home wrecked his Father’s relationship with his stepmon confessing to me he had a sexual affair with her. So he spends his time avoiding having to live with his dad and what he will do is target specific types of women that he knows he can manipulate so he can live off them without paying a dime and womanize them until he breaks them so they will do what he wants. These women he will target are plus sized ladies and older ladies who are typically mothers because he thinks they will take care of him. The actuality is, Cody is so unstable and inconsistent with his mental health therapies because he’s a drug addict and he’s torn in between doing what’s best for him because he doesn’t want to stop partying. Cody knows this and he thinks big girls and older women are desperate with low self-esteem enough to put up with his bs which unfortunately there is that one girl that enables his behavior which is why he still does it. Every time I would see Cody or he would contact me he would be tweaked out or on xanax which triggered him to do stupid sh*t in combination with his neglected treatment of PTSD. When he’s on drugs he’s a sexual deviant and tries to get me to use a strapon on him or he tries to ask me to find men for him to have sex with because he doesn’t want to admit he is gay. Even though he has confessed that he has already had sex with his military colleagues. This man only uses and abuses women and their kids because he doesn’t have the ability to love them and has deep seated issues about his sexuality which he’s only open about when he’s on drugs. When he comes down he denies everything and tries to act like your typical friendly and sane person from church. This dude is incredibly unstable and he’s not only a cheater and manipulator but he will destroy marriages just like he did between his ex and her husband who is also the one who’s child he hit. She’s really incredibly naive and after being charged for knowingly concealing child abuse, she let him move back in with her after courts told her he wasn’t allowed to live with her. He is that much of a manipulator that a woman is pretty much jeopardizing her son yet again… If you ever meet this man don’t let his good looks and superficial charm fool you. He’s crazy. The public needs to be aware of him.



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  • USA
  • Coweta, Oklahoma
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Amber Tomlin/ Amber Martin - Dardanelle, Arkansas

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