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Darcy Labelle - Timmins, Ontario

Darcy Labelle - Timmins, Ontario

WARNING: Darcy Labelle is not to be trusted. He lures in wealthy (often married) women and seduces them with his charm, only to manipulate his way into their lives and their homes.

He has destroyed several marriages and continues on the hunt for more women to take advantage of. Recently, he was in a “committed” relationship with a close friend of mine, took financial advantage of her, emotionally abusing her, forcing her to turn on her own young children (13 & 18), speaking to her and her family in unimaginable ways such as name calling and mocking them, and this isn’t even the worst of it. Back in Cochrane, where Darcy was raised, he had a terrible drug problem which escalated to the point of his father constantly having to throw him out of the house, fund his lawyers in his several paternity lawsuits, bail him out of all the trouble he was getting into, until eventually he was ran out of the town by the husband of a woman he had been sleeping with. Darcy has never worked a day in his life, one of the many reasons he prays on wealthy women or women with wealthy husbands, and also one of the reasons that is daddy still pays for everything he “owns.” This basically sums up Darcy. Now to touch on a few stories that some may have heard about this piece of sh*t, all of which are in fact, true. After convincing the women he is ***** to bring him on costly vacations, he fools around with other women ON THOSE VACATIONS. He cannot hold a conversation with an average/intelligent human being for more than .01 seconds, which is probably from all the hard drugs he has done and probably still does. He has the attention span and mental capability of a grapefruit. OH, and I almost forgot the best part. He also likes to harass little girls! He gropes underage girls in public, and then messages them on Facebook later asking to hook up. DISGUSTING. This man is in his late 50s (so he says, he looks about 75) and is trying to get 16 year olds into bed, saying “if only you were older or I was younger, we could have some fun.” In conclusion, DO NOT TRUST THIS PERV. He will ruin your life, and when he snags his next victim, he’ll turn the story around and make YOU out to be the bad guy. He now lives in Timmins, Ontario, and will soon be moving to Barrie, Ontario. Ladies, you’ve been warned!




  • USA
  • Timmins, Ontario
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