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John Murphy - Foxboro, Massechusetts

John Murphy - Foxboro, Massechusetts

This is John Murphy. John is a Walpole police officer who preys on women just to get in their pants. He is a emotional leech. John is on many dating apps like ***** ble, Tinder, MeetMe, Match but goes by the name of

Jake. And don’t expect him to follow through with anything if you’re not willing to put out within 10 mins of meeting. Here’s the story: John and I talked regularly for over a month prior to meeting, he asked me for nudes and I said no. He said ok, no pressure. He also asked me to meet him during his midnight shift and ride along with him during his patrol: essentially so we could spend time fooling around in his cruiser something that I’m sure taxpayers would agree was a useful way for officers to protect and serve. I declined, he said ok but was obviously disappointed. We continued to talk and make plans to see each other when I came back from a girls vacation. In the days leading up to it, John began acting weird and not answering his phone as frequently either a call or text. When I asked him about it, he said it was just work. I said ok and we made plans for us to have dinner that Sa ***** ay. Sa ***** ay came and he stood me up. He claimed it was work and could we get together the next day, I agreed. I know, so stupid of me. But when you spend every night for 4+ hours getting to know someone for a month, it’s hard to let that go. Sunday comes he stands me up. I offered to meet John at his job and he flipped out, claiming that he was no longer ready for a relationship and that all he wanted was a hook up. That I could deal with – except that my gf who was single had spent the same amount of time talking to a guy named Jake. When she showed me “Jake’s” pic, it was my John!! We did a little digging and found out that John-Jake had been doing this for at least 6-7 months, chatting up women on dating apps, meeting them, flashing his badge around like he’s something special and ***** them. Then he breaks off all contact with them, sharing private messages and pics with all his cop buddies and having a good laugh at their expense!!! Who knows how many women he’s exposed diseases to? When I confronted him with this, asking why he hadn’t just told me about the other women he was talking to, he said that he had never met me and didn’t owe me an explanation. Then he blocked my number. Unfortunately, it’s a small area and I did end up seeing him at a gas station. I DODGED A BULLET WITH THIS GUY!!! I’m glad I wasn’t one of the women he abuses but a warning to the women of Massachusetts: he’s not who he claims to be, he won’t man up and he’s not as good looking in person as he is in photos.




Homewrecker Women or Homewrecker Men Location

  • USA
  • Foxboro, Massechusetts
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Guest - Concerned on Wednesday, 08 November 2017 22:43
If this happened to you..

Please contact Walpole Police.

Please contact Walpole Police.
Wednesday, 25 April 2018

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