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Jon Miller And Amanda Volk – New Jersey

Jon Miller And Amanda Volk – New Jersey

Jon miller is a owner of a auto repair shop in Tuckerton, New Jersey and his wife is Amanda Volk. Jon married Amanda and was cheating on her later that year.

When he first opened his repair shop it became successful almost immediately and with that came many women needing their cars fixed. He would come on to any woman that had big ***** like his wife’s fake ***** s that he bought her. He would see a woman who had an expensive repair and ask them out on a date, saying he was separated from his wife because their marriage fell apart after their son was diagnosed ill.

He then told the woman on the date that he would give her a discount on her car repair and that he enjoyed their date and would seem like a genuine gentleman. Any woman would think they found a “catch.” Instead, while they were dating in her head, he was cheating and manipulating them the whole time. He did this with all of his customers and hurt many women for a couple of years. Everything blew up in his face when his wife found out he had affairs. His wife was told half truths about his cheating and she looked for the truth by harassing the women that she knew of. She will even have Jon text you that you ruined their marriage! She gets your phone number from his phone records and calls and texts you harrasing you. Not knowing the truth this woman is going around posting on websites about the affairs. Spreading false truths in the school system the women’s kids attend. She screams obscenities in grocery stores hoping the woman in the next aisle would hear her instead of talking to her like a ***** . She will stalk the women on social media because she’s trying to find the next person that you are dating to tell them he false truth and split you two up. This will happen to the women for the next five years as a part of her revenge plot. She is scorned and will not move on and has yet to be told the truth because she’s gone out of her way to make these women enemies. SO BE WARNED THAT IF YOU COME ACCROSS THESE TWO YOU WILL BE MANIPULATED THEN HARRASSED UNTIL YOUR FAMILYS NAME IS WRECKED IN THE COMMUNITY YOU LIVE IN! Home wreckers!!



Homewrecker Women or Homewrecker Men Location

  • USA
  • New Jersey
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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

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