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Vinod Chalwadi — Bangalore, India

Vinod Chalwadi — Bangalore, India

Have known Vinod Chalwadi (https://www.facebook.com/vinod.chalwadi) my whole life. He uses his position and money to get his way with unsuspecting women. What works in his favour is his wife came to know of his ways and moved out

without even informing. He applied for Restitution of Marriage. During such time, he met my friend’s wife. Convinced her to join him in starting a company and made her his Business partner (http://www.ebt.guru/). My friend was married and had a Daughter of 6 years then. She went on to have two year plus long sexual affair, ignoring her kid and husband. This man Vinod in the photo is having an affair with my friend’s wife, who happens to be 12 years senior to him. She have been working with him for more than a year. They have been finding excuses to go on business trips with her. From the beginning and during those trips, he will try to win her sympathy by mentioning how his ex wife divorced him and not wanting to meet him. But in actual fact which I learned after some digging, he abandoned his sick wife, refused to pay maintenance order by court. He also left the job in a travel company in disgrace after caught swindling money from the company. He is in the senior management and yet he slept around with another mans wife because it is FREE. For those that have a wife that worked with him before, sorry mate your wife has been used. This man is nothing but a scumbag. Highly educated but with no shame. The Husband of my friend came to know of this and confronted them. They agreed to the affair. She and her husband began working on their marriage. But this A%# @*le did not allow her to do so, instead chased her. During the course of the affair he withdrew the Restitution of Marriage with his wife and applied for a exparte divorce. They continued their affair behind her husbands back. As soon as his divorce was granted as his wife did not appear, my friend’s wife has filed for divorce in order to move and marry this guy. Her husband who had trusted him as a freind and his wife, now is broken depressed and is contesting it based on the ***** ery committed. They had reordered their activity in hotel and put it on their laptop which was found by the husband. Now this guy Vinod is chasing other girls as my friend is going to get messed up in life as her divorce will be messy and a long one. He is also looking out for bride for marriage(http://www.simplymarry.com/matrimonial/groom/SMM2197747/Hindu/Scheduled) and has been in close chat with another. Also he is 12 years younger to my friend’s wife. He has ruined more relationships and has no conscience. He ruined my best friends marriage and doesn’t think twice about it. Nice house for a Home Wrecker.


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  • India
  • Bangalore, India
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Friday, 23 February 2018

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