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Banking fraud

Banking fraud

Jef who tells his story in the video above, was recently the victim of online banking fraud, where criminals repeatedly gained remote access to his computer and changed his address on his bank account, thereby getting new cards sent to the new address. 

This is what he said: 'I first discovered something was wrong when I logged online to my bank account and noticed money had been moved from one account to another account that I don't use anymore. When I looked closer, I saw money had been withdrawn from a cashpoint in Manchester on a day I was in London. I knew instantly I had been targeted.

'I immediately called my bank who confirmed it was fraud and froze my account. I went straight to my local branch and spent a while going through everything including ID and security questions. They changed all my bank details and put a block on any telephone banking. It turns out these fraudsters just called up the bank and by using my online details, pretended to be me in order to get my address and contact numbers changed so they could take my money.

'At this point, I thought that was the end of it. But they had tried to call the bank again the next day. My bank tried to call me but couldn't reach me. It was at this point I discovered they had hacked my BT account on my PC and emailed BT to redirect my home address to theirs in Manchester in order to intercept the Pin for a new payee – they were extremely sophisticated and would do anything they could to get hold of my money.

'I actually managed to speak to one of them from a number I got from BT. I confronted them and they hung up immediately. Again, I reported this to the bank and police and had someone clean up my PC's security.

'All in all, I lost about £2,400 over the counter and £300 from a cashpoint. With the help of Experian, I checked my credit report for signs of fraudulent activity. I worked with them because my bank account had the address changed twice so that fraudulent address was now linked to me which would affect my credit rating. Experian helped me remove that.

'To say I was angry was an understatement - their efforts were relentless.

'What made things even worse was that on my birthday where my friends and family had commented on my Facebook wall, they somehow managed to hack my Facebook and asked my friends via direct messages for money. My partner's dad, thinking this was me, transferred £900 to a bank account. It turned out he wasn't covered for this as he was scammed so he lost the money.

'I've been chasing the police to see if they've found these fraudsters but they are so difficult to track – which is frustrating as I want these people to get caught.

'This experience has taught me to be extra vigilant about online security. I 100 per cent ensure I log out of websites properly and have strong passwords. It's also been a massive wake-up call for my PC security, it just wasn't good enough before this whole thing happened. I also regularly check in to my Experian account to keep an eye out for any things suspicious.'

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

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