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How to Spot Advertising Scams on the Internet (Useful tips 2017)

How to Spot Advertising Scams on the Internet (Useful tips 2017)

In today’s world advertising on the Internet is a huge business that can yield positive returns for both people who sell adverti ***** t and for people who look to buy advertising ***** e. Unfortunately there are also people who found ways to manipulate the system and take advantage of the internet adverti ***** t business through

scams and false terms of conditions. Below you will find steps you can take to avoid these internet advertising scams and hopefully come out on top.




Always read the "terms and conditions" before you accept or sign up for anything. If there are no "terms and conditions" listed or to be found then ask for them. Doing this will help you greatly in the long run because many internet advertising scams you can sign up for will start to charge you after a period of time even though they advertise as "absolutely free". Usually it is free for the first few weeks or month, but after that they automatically bill you for their services.
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Stay away from adverti ***** ts that offer products or services as "get rich fast" or "secret to success" or "earn $100,000 a month doing nothing". These get rich quick scams never work out and at the end, people who sign up for them usually have less money then what they started out with. If it is so easy to become wealth, then everyone would already be doing it and there would be no need to advertise about it.
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    Do a little research before committing to what the adverti ***** t offers. Even if you do not think it is a scam, you should always double check by doing a simple Google search for the product or service that is being offered. If it is a scam then unfortunately other people have already fallen for it and most of them will post about it, in detail, on the Internet.
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    Be careful if an adverti ***** t comes with success quotes and post from other people "just like you". Usually these people work for the company providing the product or service, or have some financial gain if you sign up for it. If you find the adverti ***** t in a forum or on a blog and people are commenting on the quality and performance about the product or service, be careful, it may be a disguised sales pitch.

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        Spot Advertising Scams on the Internet Step 5


Beware of pages full of red text and yellow highlighting. A very large number of scams use this style on their pages. Pages that look like this are almost always scams. Also note the Photoshopped books and CDs. The downloadable information this site sells has probably never been printed and bound, nor ever distributed on CD.

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Jasha Fedlee - Saskatoon, Canada
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