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Allison Austin - Brighton, Michigan

Allison Austin - Brighton, Michigan

I moved to Michigan in 2005 with my husband and 2 children. It took some time to make new friends, but I did. Allison Austin happened to be my closest friend, the girlfriend that is like a sister.

The one you talk to everyday. We hung out ALL the time. A group of us went out on my 35th birthday and I was too tanked to stay out late so I went home. Everyone else stayed at Allison’s house, including my husband. Almost a year went by and my other friends finally confessed to me that she crawled into bed with him that night and slept with him. Anger and resentment ensued… I pretended like I left town and texted her from his phone pretending like I was him. Turns out she was jealous of me and wanted my life… to help him raise my kids, to be with my husband. She was my best friend. She was so embarrassed by what she did that instead of taking responsibility for it, she told everyone he raped her. My now ex husband is a lot of things… but he’s NOT a rapist. She destroyed my family, my 2 girls have grown up in a split household having to go back and forth. They have had to see what anger and betrayal did to their mother because I’m still angry and hurt and this happened in 2010. My world and my life was lost and it has never been the same. Allison Austin does not deserve happiness in her life, ever.


Blue Skinny Denim Pants

Blue Skinny Denim Pants

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Homewrecker Women or Homewrecker Men Location

  • USA
  • Brighton, Michigan
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Friday, 23 February 2018

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