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Instead, report a homewreckers women to warn the public and prevent further infidelity. Fraudsters.online is basically an blog that's been "exposing the women who choose to become involved with an involved man".

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Christina Brown - New York, New York

Christina Brown - New York, New York

Christina Brown is a homewrecker. After having my 3rd child with my husband. I find out after 3 weeks postpartum she is also pregnant and due with his baby around my expected due date. I’ve been married to my husband for 3 years. I found out about this woman when she was pregnant with her 1st kid for him.

We were broken up at the time but he was always at my house and in my life trying to be a good father and show he can be a good man to me. Once I found out about her pregnancy I was upset because he could have told me but chose to keep all this a secret. After all we technically weren’t together. Moving forward he said he really didn’t want to be with her. Didn’t know this woman very well she got pregnant after knowing him for a few weeks and wanted a good father for her baby. (Bull ***** ) but of course he’s the father of my kids my high school sweetheart so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Overtime we discussed moving on and having a relationship which led to us getting married in 2014 only 7 months after this women had his baby. Moved in together and have been living together until I kicked his lying but out! His daughter has been at my house numerous times. I’ve bathed her, fed her and treated her as one of my own. Now her mom admits to having a relationship with my husband because he told her our marriage was over. Well I’m here to say there was no divorce, no lawyers, yes we had some issues but never did I think Christina Brown would take on the role as my husbands MISTRESS. Yet have another baby for him. After he left you to marry me and now gave you a story to get you in bed. But yet he still doesn’t want a family with you. She seems so well put together. She speaks about empowering women and I almost believed she was a good person. This woman is a fraud. She’ll always be a side chick/mistress that’s the role you excepted and I hope your happy. You both are narcissistic sociopaths who deserve each other.



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Thursday, 15 November 2018

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