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Instead, report a homewreckers women to warn the public and prevent further infidelity. Fraudsters.online is basically an blog that's been "exposing the women who choose to become involved with an involved man".

That’s the idea behind our fraudsters.online Blog.

Jennifer Bradley — Pemberton, New Jersey

Jennifer Bradley — Pemberton, New Jersey

So I want to start out saying that my husband and I are finally moving into the right direction on fixing our marriage after YEARS of treating me like crap…

which in return I treated him the same. Finally (in therapy) he admits what started this all. JENNIFER BRADLEY. Should of known but everytime I questioned their friendship I WOULD GET CALLED THE CRAZY ONE. After years of her sneaking around behind her THEN bf Tony with my husband, he finally came to his senses and cut it off. At the beginning of their affair (even though I was told 100 times ‘Nothing is going on’, I reached out to Tony to give him my thoughts and even though he was concerned, decided to believe her. Then running into him recently, he let me know he ended their 6 year relationship, always knew she was sleeping around, and is happier with his new girl. My husband would of never headed down the infidelity path if it wasnt for Miss floozy parading her flat chested self to him. The more their friendship sex sessions went on, the worse I was being treated and I only stayed for my daughter. Finally after years of torture, this evil witch is gone and my husband is back to showing love, appreciation, being open and honest (I hope).



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  • USA
  • Pemberton, New Jersey
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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

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Exposing homewreckers men and women and cheaters in the Internet Age
These days it's not difficult to spread information online. The rise of the internet as the go to source for on demand information has given the victims of cheaters and homewreckers a way to voice out and warn others of the unfaithful ways of their (former) partner. Dozens of websites, commonly referred to as Cheater Sites, now exist.
The purpose of these sites is to give victims of unfaithful partners and abusive relationships a place to post about the cheating ways of their partners and the person their partner is cheating with. Most cheater sites allow for the submission of anonymous posts that are not moderated or validated in anyway.
Fraudsters.onlines allows for anonymous users to submit unverified claims about their partner and the person (or homewrecker) they believe that their partner is cheating with. Today the site features thousands of user-submitted posts warning the public about homewrecker men, homewrecker women and cheaters (male and female).

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