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Karen Wheeler - Toronto, Canada

Karen Wheeler - Toronto, Canada
Karen Wheeler a woman of many talents all of which fall into the HOMEWRECKER extraordinaire category. When she enters the scene it is game over for you if you are the woman in her way. Case in point is her most recent homewrecking endeavour. She reconnects with an old flame, a famous Toronto Rock Star and she sets out to ruin his life. It doesn’t matter to her that he has been living with a woman for 15 years. Small details such as a man is married does not matter to Karen Wheeler. She must have some incredibly bedroom skills because within two months of their reigniting the flames of their past romance, his girlfriend of 15 years is unceremoniously kicked out of his apartment so he can move Karen in to enjoy the talents she brings to his bedroom. It is not like they even attempt to hide the fact they are lovers. Karen knows she is not the only extra curricular activity the Rock Star has on the go. She has effectively gotten rid of all of her competition for his attention by directly confronting the women whenever possible and setting them straight about the fact he is hers now. Violetta won’t ever go near his apartment any more, yet she still deludes herself that she is his girlfriend. How Karen has the power to control where his old girlfriend can go in his life is astounding. I would love to know what she said to Violetta to keep her away from the apartment. She has an amazing way of controlling the other women in his life. To be fair, she controls him and he controls his women. She does control him completely. Karen is very skilled at removing all other women from his life. Carol Barrett, a DJ at CIUT in Toronto at the University of Toronto, whom was reported on this site for being the original HOMEWRECKER. Carol Barrett was carrying on an affair with the Rock Star under the nose of Violetta for over 10 years, while Carol was also married, almost the entire time Violetta was living with him. He probably sees Carol Barrett more than he sees Violetta. Violetta appears content with this arrangement because she turns a blind eye to all evidence of the fact she is and has been cheated on since she first met him. Violetta obviously has no self esteem or dignity left. If my boyfriend asked me to move out of his place where I had been living for over ten years, I would take the hint it was over. I might give him some time to miss me and come around but once he moved the new chick into his place I would hold tight to my dignity and move on. Which is exactly what I have done. Carol never cared that she was ruining any chance Violetta might have had at a happily ever after romance with the Rock Star. Her own life is misery and always has been, one big fake appearance of goodness when she is just a white trash slore dressed up as a church lady. Carol has no ethics or morals so she will stick in there like white trash always does. Who knows, maybe Violetta’s ego rules her brain and her status as the Rock Star’s girlfriend means more to her than the fact she is being played for a fool with his public cheating for the entire time she has been with him. He never hides Violetta from his side chicks. He is honest about having to hide his affairs from her not that he does a good job of it, just that he tries and Violetta turns a blind eye to it. She has to know. How can she not know? She just doesn’t care I guess. Karen however is not content like either Violetta, Carol or myself, and pushed all of us out of her way the instant she showed up on the scene. She had no problem confronting me to tell me to move along and she was not nice about it. I was with him for four years until Karen showed up on the scene. I knew the first time I heard him say her name that he was attracted to her and that she was trouble. After four years I thought I knew him. He pushed me aside without a second thought throwing away four years of my listening to him complain about how unhappy he was with Violetta and how much he wanted out. All our plans to travel to Ireland as soon as he could gently part ways with Violetta is what kept me hanging in and being a good girlfriend. I thought he finally did it when he kicked her out and I was so happy. Then I found out he was dating Karen and she was staying over at his place and then finally he moved her into his place. He didn’t get rid of Violetta for me, he did it for Karen! After just two months. Karen must have some amazing bedroom skills, she certainly is loud enough, the entire neighourhood knows when they are doing it. She has him mesmerized, within two months, he kicks out his girlfriend of 15 years that he had been telling me for four years he wanted to get rid of. Then he has no time to continue the affair with his long time DJ Carol Barrett. Finally he allows her to tell me that she has moved in with him and that I should move along. I have told her about the many others he sees. She thinks she has gotten rid of all of his girlfriends. She is delusional. He has more women on the go than Hugh Heffner ever had. For every one Karen gets rid of, two more will take their place. He still has an active profile on various dating sites and actively seeks new encounters which makes me happy because what Karen has done to all of us, she will find out what it is like herself when she realizes he is still dating and telling the women he meets that he is single. Do not let Karen Wheeler near your man. She is not a friend and champion of women as she pretends to be. She is just a cheap slore in fancy clothes.

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Sara Jean Ness Greenbaum - St. Cloud, Minnesota
Kristy Rehbein - Elk River, Minnesota

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