Maria Clark - Kent, Washington

Maria Clark - Kent, Washington
I want to include that this is by far no means a vengeance post. This is only to bring awareness. The goal is that it doesn’t happen again or to my friends in the community knowing that there is a person like her out there.
I found out about her through nude photos, explicit texts, and the porn she and my significant other had. I’m not at all saying shes 100% at fault. It takes two ***** s to do what they do to destroy families willingly. He’s had his and is now understanding the consequences of losing everything. This post is to focus on her. Let me tell you why: This happened over a year ago. At this time I had some serious family issues, focusing on my doctrine, and I just found out I was pregnant. I was living back and forth between my family’s house and my significant other’s. He moved back home to save money for the time being. I saw their explicit affair though pics, porn, text.. you name it. He was having her over at night at his family’s house after all night of clubbing and dancing. This was 3-4 times a week occurrence. Of course all carefully planned around my schedule. As I was dealing with hardship, this was what was happening behind my back. I contacted her through snap chat, this was their main way of communication because it didn’t save conversations or photos. I said “who is this, I am so and so’s wife (we were engaged). I’m wanting to talk woman to woman and I’m not coming at you sideways by any means.” I can’t believe I’m so cordial to this day about how I approached her. She said “you need to talk to him” and blocked me. This tells me she is well aware of me and she was too much of a coward to face me. Over the next several weeks, I was dealing with a lot of emotional ups and downs. I had to leave my program at school and suffered a miscarriage. I lost an average of 7lbs a week, not purposefully. While I was going through all of this, they were still seeing each other. Now let me also put this out there. While she was messing with my guy, she also had a boyfriend and in addition to that has a baby daddy, and was seeing another guy also. She had 4 men she was balancing. The other guy who isn’t her bf, found out and left. Her baby daddy has been out of the picture for a long time. Her bf maybe knew but I’m not confident at that time. I spent weeks trying to make sense of my life that was shattered. She wouldn’t return my calls/e-mails/text. I just wanted closure and clarity. I reached out to her baby daddy. All I said was “Someone in your life has destroyed mine.” That was enough for him to know who I was talking about immediately. Apparently, the other guy who found out she was sleeping around also reached out to her baby dad. The sad thing is that Maria, tells her parents and others why hes such a bad father and even threatens to call immigration on him if he tries to take custody. Thankfully, because she is unable to take care of her kid herself, she has good parents who have homed and takes care of her child. I want to add that she has a DUI and almost lost her life and wasn’t able to walk. For someone who was in this situation, she spent nights drinking with numerous guys at clubs and sleeping with them while she has a kid at home her mother was taking care of. Shows that some people will never learn. I reached out to her actual bf at this time because she still hasn’t come forward. This finally triggered her to reach out to me. She apologized that she didn’t know (yeah right, he wears a ring) and none of their friends said anything (because they didn’t know). I asked her, “if you saw that he has a ring, why didn’t you question it?” She said, “he said he wore it for fun.” I said, why is it that you never met family and was only restricted to the room? She didn’t answer. All she said to me was some bull ***** about “you should really move on and I know what it feels like… blah blah blah… and keep your head high.” I said to her, “We’ll if you know what it feels like, then why are you doing this to your own bf, multiple men, destroying your own family, friends, reputation, and etc… Sounds like you just want to dust this off your hands and move on, because its THAT easy for you. You’ve done this before, you did it again, and you’ll continue.” This is not a mistake she made. This is FULLY a conscious decision knowing her consequence with her own child involved. Let’s just put it this way, shes so out of her mind, I’ve seen videos of her bringing her kid around my guy. What kind of mother introduces men who she sleeps with like that to her kid so casually?!?! She’s been laying low on social media for a long time now, probably making up stories about crazy people (like me out there). Truth is, shes worried about the truth coming out. She’s worried about all the pictures of her drinking (she enjoys wine a lot btw) and her clubbing and dancing with multiple men. She’s worried about what her family thinks. She didnt care to face me until it hit home, when I reached out to her actual bf. She probably has some deeper inner issues she never resolved from when she was growing up. Who knows, maybe she has some daddy issues and is the way she is with men and always seeking attention meanwhile hiding it from the people who do care about her so they don’t know. The sickening part is that she doesn’t realize that shes well.. to say the least a ho. I’m sure she goes around with some sap ass story about how life dealt her bad choices and decisions. Life didn’t. She has two personalities. There’s hundreds of pics, videos, and texts from multiple men who can prove this. Some of this is from private phones… and some of this is from the bars and clubs she attended and its all public. Again, this is not a vengeance post. Its just to show that there are people out there like her who really truly don’t have a soul or any kind of a guilty conscience. Lastly, I want to add. She now has a second child with her “bf.” Her pregnancy came just a few months after I talked to her bf. Funny how an IMPLANTED IUD fails when your relationship is struggling. Shes not even 30, two kids, barely can take care of herself, two baby fathers, and not much ambition. I know that karma won’t allow her to go far in life as I know there’s no way in ***** she’ll ever go back to school to become something more considering the fact that she can barely live on her own, parents take care of her first kid, and now she has an infant. Her infant’s family is a joke. We’re talking about ***** s in their 40’s 50’s iced out in gold chains and flaunts weed all over social media. Some grandparents aye? I hope her mother and stepdad will assume responsibility of the little one as I’m sure they are great people. They just don’t know anything about the truth about their daughter. It’s taken me 1.5 years to write this. This just shows how much damage has done. For her its just dirt to dust off “and to move on” as I’m sure things are all rainbows and ***** erflies. For me its a lifetime of trust issues with every one and damage. Her public and private photos and porn in the possessions of the guys she’s messed with and the public photos of her at the clubs drinking will catch up to her someday. I hope that if any of her family sees this they understand that just cause it’s family, doesn’t make her right. Doesn’t make me right for doing this, but the damage she did is beyond a “talk to.”

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