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Shanna Marie Hayes-Miller - Jonesburg, Missouri

Shanna Marie Hayes-Miller - Jonesburg, Missouri

I’ve got one for you. This Shanna Marie Hayes-Miller was my best friend for 12 years. I covered up for her more times than I can count, but, just because she cheated on her husband,

I never dreamed she would do what she did. I started getting the feeling something was going on with my husband. He wasn’t home when he should be, he was secretive about his phone, the whole deal. Her being my best friend, I talked to her about it, and she would comfort me, and tell me that he was always at work early when he said that’s why he left early, etc. Btw, they worked together. My husband and I, and our two kids were at their house every weekend. Everything was fine, but I still felt like something was wrong. My in and her both constantly reassured me, and watched my scream and cry. Then after a while, they started trying to convince me that I was paranoid, and needed to go to a psych hospital. They were that good, I almost went to get some help, I was that miserable and desparate. This went on for about 3 months, when one night, my man says he’s leaving me. I of course melt down. I eventually go to bed, but can’t sleep, so I get back up to smoke. Here he comes, and he wants to tell me he’s sorry, and he wants to confess. Apparently he had been ***** Shanna this whole time. He says that he decided that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, and he told me everything. They would meet before work, and do it in the car. She had him convinced that he would get the kids, and she would be their new mommies. This was the b**** that helped me deliver both of them. I can’t even look at my wedding al ***** anymore, because she was my matron of honor. The kids used to ask why we don’t see them anymore. It’s been horrible. 12 years of loyal friendship, and this is what she does.



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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

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