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Shelly Looney Neske - Abilene, Texas

Shelly Looney Neske - Abilene, Texas

She married, when they divorced she admitted the little girl was not her husbands but he was part of the Looney family in Portales, NM.

She remarries this time to Scott, talks to a married man (friends with him and his wife in Portales) who was having trouble dealing with a suicide of a EMS co-worker. He changed jobs and tried to end the relationship, she told him she would tell the new employer he was suicidal himself and loose his job. So he stayed. Finally she pushed for him to meet her in Post, Texas for a sexual encounter in the car. They met in Lubbock 4 months later for another sexual encounter in a car. Sometime during this they began FaceTime and getting their cookies watching each other and sending nude pictures. Finally the Portales wife finds out. S ***** y continues to tell the man she will do various things and he will loose his job and go to jail so the man goes to Abilene to face to face tell her he is done. She threatens suicide so he spends the night with her. When he gets back to Portales the next day he tells his wife about the trouble with the suicide and she begins to try to find a counselor to help him deal with it. He decides the wife is what he has wanted all along and ends it with S ***** y. She tells him she is taking some pills. He calls his wife and tells her everything. His 2 affairs, how all he and S ***** y did was fight cause he wanted to end it, she claims they laughed and fell in love. For 2 weeks she called him or the wife and demanded to talk to him to find out why he chose his wife of 21 years and not her. She is still married to Scott. I do not believe he has a clue about the affair. She does send something to the employer, they investigate and the man is suspended for 1 day without pay. He tells his wife I am so sorry. I should have never believed her lies and trusted you to help me and not look down on me for the struggle of the death. The Portales couple are still together but I don’t think the wife will ever get over the hurt her husband and a “friend” caused her. The funny thing is she kept saying “I divorced my first husband cause he cheated.” He is the one who filed for divorce. nmcourt.com will prove that. She said she current marriage was over, her house being repossessed and her pickup being repossessed. She is still with Scott living in the same house as the wife went and stayed at in 2011. And she says doesn’t lie. Hum?



Homewrecker Women or Homewrecker Men Location

  • USA
  • Abilene, Texas
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