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Victoria Preston — Rochester, New York

Victoria Preston — Rochester, New York

Victoria Preston has been a wedge in my relationship since the beginning. She took my bfs daughter away from him because he started dating me. Mind you we agreed I would not meet his daughter until we’ve been dating for a while and met the mother first.

So she out of spite held this child over his head and unfaithful things happened due to a very messed up situation on her part. With that being said I found out and gave him a chance. Now we’ve been together for almost two years now and she JUST maybe 3 months ago is letting him she his daughter again and the agreement was that we all would be civil and she respect our relationship. Now I had my trust issues with her because of you knew her personally you’d know that she’s proud of herself for the way she carries herself which is literally disgusting. So we’ve been getting her daughter on weekends and some days during the week and I’ve treated this little girl like she was my own. Well her mother being the low life she is decideds she’s going to take advantage of a stressful time and sext back and forth with my bf. I found them and flipped out. Of course she’s calling his phone and he answers and told her I knew so she decides to post a status on fb about how she’s proud of what she did and that she will keep doing it and doesn’t care. Like do you not have any morals? Where is your respect. She is bottom of the barrel scum from the 585. She’s proud to be a Home Wrecker.


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Monday, 22 October 2018

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