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Ashlynne Morgan - Charlotte, North Carolina

Ashlynne Morgan - Charlotte, North Carolina

I don’t even know where to begin, this girl is a mess. Her birth name is Ashlynne Renee Beard, she got her name legally changed to Ashlynne Renee Morgan in 2014 due to another sex scandal, however, she goes by Lynne or Lynn Renee Morgan or uses her mother’s maiden name and goes by Renee McCoy.

Yes, this is the same Ashlynne Beard that comes up on google having a sex scandal in Atlanta in 2014. She’s from Minneapolis, has moved to Ohio, Atlanta and now resides in Balantyne, which is in Charlotte, NC. She pays to have her info taken off of google, however, some things money can’t buy. Such as the news articles of her doings in Atlanta. I will talk more about her scandal once I get to how I found out about it. My husband hired her in May, she began working with him the first of June 2017. We were acting like a normal family, doing normal family things with our children, my husband and I were still intimate. I was floored when I found out towards the end of June that he had been talking to this girl pretty much from the day she began working there. Just a couple weeks from her begin date, she was texting him nude photos, photos of her in a bikini, selfies. Etc. I actually caught him texting her around the end of June, however, their relationship was hot and heavy way before then.

I ended up emailing her begging her to leave him alone so we could work on our marriage, I explained that our 3 children were going through this as well and would cry all the time wanting their parents to work on things. My husband and her both lied to me saying it was over. I’ll get to how I found out it wasn’t. I went out of town in July and during that week, he decided to move out into an apartment on July 15th. He still swore him and Ashlynne were over but he still wanted a divorce. We have 3 kids and he hadn’t seen his kids in weeks and made up every excuse not to get them. We would argue and he would tell me how many women he was sleeping with but he had this Asian girl that he was really into. I took the kids to his apartment and the front desk guy said he didn’t want anyone back and was with a girl. I asked was she Asian and he said no, that’s when I felt it was still Ashlynne. Somehow all of the photos they had been exchanging ended up in the hands of their management and they both got fired for an inappropriate relationship on July 22nd??‍♀️ Ashlynne text my cell the day she got fired and said she was sorry, I ended up talking to her on the phone and she swore her and my husband had been over for weeks, they had never been intimate and she was sorry for any hurt she caused me and the kids. Later, I found out that as soon as she got off the phone with me, she went to my husband’s apartment. It was a call to fish for information because they never called anything off. Who does that to someone?!? Who does that to the hurting wife and kids and she knew our oldest could hear the entire conversation and still continued to lie. I cried when I was talking to her explaining how hurt I was and that I wanted to work on our marriage! Funny, our oldest didn’t fall for her BS but I’m so stupid that I wanted to see the good in this girl. Needless to say, I found out they were still together and sht hit the fan! I did some research and found her Atlanta article. I ended up sending the article to my husband, in which she had never told him about. A few days after that, he asked me if I wanted to work on things. Of course I did, we have been married going on 18 years and it isn’t up to anyone else to decide what is best for me and our children. My husband had a rough year with the passing of his father and was someone I didn’t recognize! He did things that were totally out of character such as messing around with a 30 year old when he was almost 40, drinking and having sex at the work place, not giving one crap about my feelings or his children. In no way am I excusing his behavior because trust me, it takes 2 and he’s had to deal with the consequences, it’s been months later and we are still working on our marriage and will continue to do so for a long time. I didn’t just “forgive” him, heck no! But this girl, she’s pure evil and she played on his emotions knowing the passing of his dad was his soft spot. She would tell him to block me on his phone, that he’d see his children eventually. It was clear she didn’t want him to have any relationship with his children but that wasn’t her call to make. Not even a month into their relationship she’s telling him she loves him, wants to have his children and move in with him. Then, when she would come see him, all she wanted to do was have sex for hours and he didn’t want that. I’m sure it was exciting at first but that quickly burned out once she had no mystery about her. This is what I learned about her as time went on. Back to the sex scandal in Atlanta, it was pretty much identical to what she did here in Charlotte with my husband. She told him if they had sex then she would want it all the time. She wanted sex in the stairwell of their work place, she wanted it in the parking lot of their work place, they both drank in the parking lot of their job, she wanted sex every which way you can imagine, she wanted ***** sex, (which who cares but not even a month into their relationship) oh and she wanted a sex tape which was never made. She would scream at the top of her lungs during sex which was so overboard! She wanted her hair pulled and to be spanked! Hahaha! She was trying to work her way up through the company by having sex with her trainer (my husband). She would say she cared and loved him, same exact thing she did to the guy in Atlanta. As for the Atlanta scandal, she was NOT a victim (he was also married with children), if anything he was the victim! She reported this man to the police and it was dropped because it was clear she was lying! My guess is he wanted to call things off and she got mad so lied as her way of revenge! He was at this school for 14 years and because of her lies, he got let go! He didn’t extort money from her because she didn’t and still doesn’t have any! Their story is EXACTLY like the one with my husband. I wonder how many others she has done this to, she had no way of accusing my husband of anything because she knew I knew about their relationship and every detail of it so she couldn’t lie on him! She lies about every single thing even down to her race. She told my husband she was mixed, dad was black and mom was white. Both of her parents are white so I’m not sure why she lied about them. She also said her dad left her and her sister which isn’t true, he passed away which she never told my husband. If anyone is a stalker, it would be her, she knows every detail about my husband and myself and also goes by an alias on FB to spy on us. She was a teacher in Atlanta at an Elementary school (supposedly) and now works in IT because she doesn’t want future employers to know about her scandal. She also changes her name frequently. Not sure what deep dark secrets she’s hiding in her past but she should never be allowed to work around children. You have no clue who she is! She’s obviously very unstable and has some daddy issues. She goes after married men and don’t cry to her about it, it makes her ecstatic to hurt the wife! She is also disgusting in the bedroom, the things she does and want done to her are ronchy! My husband was uncomfortable, I’m sure he thought it was going to be exciting and instead it was so gross! That’s what he gets! This girl will do anything and everything to lure a married man! She knows sex sells and will use it as her way to land a man. She will also lie about who she is so that she is the perfect woman he’s looking for, anything he says he likes in a woman, she will be just that. His dream come true. Ha! Her history speaks for itself. She has a child without a father in sight, it didn’t work out with the married man in Atlanta, didn’t work out with my husband. She obviously has relationship issues and prefers a married man over a single one, she also gets a high from hurting his family. The girl is sick! Oh and I forgot to mention she text my husband a bunch of blank ***** es right before Valentine’s Day, he responded with a ?, she said she mistext and he said sure, whatever. Have a great night. He then blocked her and has offered to change his number. She is very well aware that we are together and was trying to cause issues. So passive aggressive. It didn’t work, we laughed at how pathetic she is. I’m assuming since it was near Valentine’s she thought he would just run off and cheat on me! LOL. If one thing came out of this, my husband and I are in a better place than we have ever been, our marriage continues to get stronger daily. He has shown so much remorse and has definitely stepped up to be the man I deserved all along. It’s ok if other women don’t work on their marriage after an affair, I chose to and I stick by the decision. It hasn’t been easy to get here and we still have some bad days, but this taught us both so much. That our marriage is worth fighting for even on those bad days. I don’t believe I would have ever posted anything about Ashlynne until her last text. She didn’t like being called a wh*re or home wrecker but the last text she sent spoke for itself knowing that my husband and I are back together and have been for months. She’s definitely a wh*re and definitely a home wrecker. I’m sure soon she will be legally changing her name AGAIN once she realizes she can run but she can’t hide from all of her dirt.



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